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uib gmbh is the maintainer from opsi, the open source client management system.

uib gmbh is maintainer of opsi, the open source client management system, which is a tool for managing Windows and Linux clients from a Linux-Server.

opsi can perform OS-Installations, Software distributions, Inventory tasks and also Patchmanagement. Modular extensions from the free opsi-Kernel like, „License management“ or „UEFI-Support“ (among others) are available as part of our co-funding projects. opsi can be applied, in all kind of organisations and industries where Windows and Linux clients need to be administered, from a dozen of clients to several thousands.

uib gmbh was founded 1995 in Mainz.

For general information about opsi see the project homepage.

Current opsi installations all over the world at the opsi-map.