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uib gmbh was founded in 1995 as an association of system administrators and programmers and quickly developed a clear focus on IT service management (ITSM).

We use open source software wherever it makes sense and is possible. As a rule, the software we create is also open source. Our purchasable product is not the software, but our service of creating, maintaining, training and supporting it. As part of our work, we have developed the open source client management system 'opsi', which we maintain, develop and support.

'opsi' stands for open system integration.

The company has a total of 30 employees.

uib gmbh cooperates with a number of other companies involved in the open source sector.

We are happy to offer shorter or longer internships at our company, provided that the requirements and expectations match. For inquiries about internships and training, please contact personal(at)uib.de