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opsi Basic License

With the opsi Basic License the following non free extensions up to 30 clients are enabled:

  • Directory Connector
  • Linux Agent
  • License management
  • Local Image
  • MySQL backend
  • Secureboot
  • UEFI
  • User roles
  • WIM-Capture
  • Win-VHD

This free small version should contribute to the spreading of opsi. Therefore this basic version may also be used commercially.

License conditions for the use of the opsi Basic License

The opsi Basic License is a software license to use the non free extensions of opsi.

Within the scope of this license the use of the unlocked chargeable opsi modules is allowed, also explicitly for commercial use. But this license is neither extendable nor combinable with any other paid license of opsi. The use of the license is limited to one opsi setup with a maximum of 30 clients per user. The transfer or sale of the opsi Basic License to third parties is prohibited.

For the use of this license no registration is necessary. There is no claim for support for the used non free modules for this license. The use of the opsi Basic License is not excluded from the opsi support contracts. Users of the opsi Basic License can purchase an opsi-Support contract and are then also entitled to the support of the non free opsi modules, even if only the free opsi-Basic-License is used. The same applies to other services like training or project support.

The license has a limited validity until the end of the year and this agreement is only valid for the period of the currently used opsi Basic License. We will supply an extended license until 01.10 for the next year. This new license has to be actively renewed and the agreement has to be agreeed to again, with status at the respective time of the renewal.

The transfer of the opsi Basic License takes place in the context of a donation contract. Therefore we exclude all warranty and liability claims, unless there is a case of gross negligence or intent. The liability, warranty, support and maintenance claims can be booked with costs via the professional opsi support contracts.

The current general terms and conditions of uib gmbh are, with agreement to this license agreement, also agreed to.


Information how to install the opsi Basic License on your server can be found in our documentation.



Please confirm the license conditions. Then you can download the Basic License.