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opsi supports Windows Server 2016, new product config-win10

To celebrate the end of the year, we prepared a special package for you:
opsi supports along with the latest opsi-client-agent, the automated installation from Windows Server 2016. For this purpose, we have uploaded a template on our download server on ...netboot

With the new free opsi product config-win10, the operating system updates for both Windows 10 and Windows 2016 can be controlled, disabled and edited with a property value.
Further detailed technical information can be found in the opsi manual on opsi-manual-localboot-products as well as the packages in our download server under...localboot

Upgrade of the 'opsi standard products' subscription

Now besides the versions Adobe Acrobat Reader XI, and Adobe Reader DC Classic, the variant "Adobe Reader DC Continuous" is part of our updated subscription 'opsi standard products'

opsi server support for open SUSE 42.1

openSUSE Leap 42.1 leaves the testing status behind and is, as of now an officially supported distribution to act as an opsi server

Dates for trainings and workshops for 2017

Just as we did on 2016, we have extended our trainings and workshops offer. As every year, we offer regular appointments for basic opsi workshops, which every opsi admin should visit, and are also the basis for opsi partner certifications. Besides, we offer advanced opsi programming workshops which appeal to the more advanced opsi administrators. Please contact us, we will happy to advise you further about our training offer schulung(at) .