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Taking advantage of an opsi maintenance and support contract

The characteristics of any client management software (like opsi) are:

  • It is used by system admins with a limited amount of time and money
  • The learning curve takes several days
  • Huge time saving potential when in operation
  • Critical when breakdowns and malfunctions occur
  • The software system requires maintenance to stay up-to-date for distributing recent software packages
  • The software system requires maintenance to support new operating systems (installation as well as software distribution)
  • The software system requires maintenance to integrate the latest hardware (new or updated drivers)

Therefore: Though you obtain a client management software for free - installing, introducing and operating the system produces costs. The most economical solution for the introduction of opsi is to provide workshops and training for the administrators. The most economical solution for a continuous operation of opsi will be based on a support and maintenance contract with uib gmbh.

All offers are based on the the general contract conditions of uib. Prices refer to standard installations and are valid per end customer. Please contact us for prices for other configurations or special wishes. The following description of standard support offers may be downloaded as well as a pdf-file.