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opsi Documentation

To get a first impression of opsi, the following Info documents are available:

  • opsi Info (pdf)
  • opsi Features (pdf)
  • opsi Extensions (pdf)

The following Manuals are for opsi-Administrators.


  • opsi Getting Started (Installation and first steps) (pdf) (html)
  • opsi manual (pdf) (html)
  • opsi Windows manual (pdf) (html)
  • opsi Linux manual (pdf) (html)
  • opsi macOS manual (pdf) (html)


  • opsi Script Manual (pdf) (html)
  • opsi Script Reference Card (pdf) (html)


  • opsi v4.2 Releasenotes (pdf) (html)

 opsi-Extensions and special topics:

  • opsi Linux / macOS Clients (pdf)
  • opsi Nagios Connector (pdf)