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In the following subpages there are videos, that show the different features of opsi.

To get to know more about opsi we recommend you the opsi-Introduction.

The automatic OS-Installation will be shown in a separate video.

The installation controlled by the user of predetermined software will be shown in the video Client-Kiosk.

The possibillity to perform a Linux installation is demonstrated on the video Linux-Erweiterung.

Monitoring functionalities are described in the videos Nagios 1 and Nagios 2.

The installation of clients that are connected via WAN (e.g, Home office or field workers) will be clarify on the WAN-Erweiterung.

The administration from Licenses with opsi is explained on the video Lizenzmanagement.

Innovations are summarized on the opsi Service-Release 4.0.7.

Conference are in this Presentations link.

The cooperation between opsi and UCS is described on the following Webcast of UCS Appcenter.