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cofunding contribution

opsi-modules for installations with more than 500 clients have a graduated price scale.

See: opsi-module-prices.pdf

ModuleStateCofunding contribution up to 500 clientsFunding state
opsiclientd with support for Vista/Windows 7 and some additional enhancementsproductionfree100 %
Software on demand (Kiosk-Mode)productionfree100 %
License Managementproduction2000 €78 %
Support of opsi-clients that are connected via WANproduction2000 €

67 %

MySQL Backend for configuration dataproduction2000 €75 %
Managing hierarchical groups (Treeview)productionfree100 %
Dynamic depot selectionproductionfree100 %
User Profile Managementproductionfree100 %
Nagios Connectorproduction2000 €37 %
Installation at Shutdownproductionfree100 %
Local Image /     VHD Resetproduction2000 €30 %
Linux Agentproduction2000 €14 %
UEFI / GPT Supportproduction1000 €29 %
WIM-Captureproduction750 €

15 %

Scalability 1production2000 €

13 %

User-Rolesproduction2000 € 
Directory Connectorproduction2000 € 

MySQL Backend and WAN extension are available as a bundle for 3000 euro for up to 500 clients.

WIM-Capture is also available up to 250 clients für 500 €.

As long as a cofunding project is not refinanced, the use of the component is restricted by the activation file /etc/opsi/modules, which is protected against changes via electronic signature. All the free parts of opsi will work without this activation file. If you want to test the restricted modules with a temporary activation file for evaluation, please contact info(at)uib.de.