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license management

The opsi extension license management can be used to standardize and simplify the complex and laborious management of software licenses for software installed on opsi managed clients.

The main features are:

  • The license management uses the same management interface as software deployment and OS installation: the opsi configuration editor.
  • For opsi products, license keys can be automatically allocated, assigned, and reserved.
  • Among the supported licensing models are: single license, volume license, license bound to a specific host, licenses for which the number of concurrent usages is regulated by a license server.
  • Automated release of license keys when uninstalling licensed software or removing the host.
  • Manual processing of allocated licenses e.g. for licenses of software not deployed with opsi
  • Generating several report types: overview of license usage, documentation of license usage, reconciliation of opsi managed licenses with the licenses found via opsi software inventory