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WAN extension

Thanks to the opsi WAN extension, computers used by travelling sales representatives, homeworkers, or from small remote locations connected via WAN to the company's network can be integrated into opsi.

Its features are:

  • The activation of the opsi-client-agent can be triggered by and limited to the activation of special network interfaces (e.g. VPN interface). With this configuration, a client does not try to connect to the opsi server at every system start but only if it is connected via VPN tothe company's network.
  • Because of the limited bandwidth of WAN connections, the standard direct software installation is not recommended for remote clients. Therefore the WAN extension enables the bandwidth saving download of installation data per https/WebDAV and stores the data locally.
  • The download process is reconnectable and continues after disconnection. Furthermore all necessary auxiliary data like product properties, license keys and so on are cached on the local system.
  • The installation starts when all required data are downloaded to the local client. During the installation process no connection to the opsi server is required. The installation results are stored locally and reportedto the opsi server with the next connect.
  • In order to run the WAN extension you need the MySQL-backend extension as precondition.

For the moment, the simultaneous use of both "WAN extension" and "installation on shutdown" extension is not supported. On the same opsi server with different clients, these opsi extensions can be used.