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In large installations with a multitude of clients, many locations or heavy peak load due to simultaneous devices starting, the central opsi service can become a bottleneck. By default the opsi service uses only one CPU core.

The extension Scalability offers the possibility to start the opsi service with multiple worker processes. Thus all available CPU cores can be used. Furthermore it's possible to run the opsi service on several servers in parallel. Besides the further scalability there is then also the possibility of a failover. Scalability makes it possible to operate environments with some ten thousand clients or many locations. Depending on the usage of the system (e.g.: mass rollouts) this module can be useful even for smaller installations.

With opsi 4.2 the Scalability module Final was released. It replaces the predecessor Scalability 1. All customers who bought Scalability 1 will automatically get the new Scalability module. Prerequisite is a migration to opsi 4.2.

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